Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival Comes to SF

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The pandemic has shut down a lot of attractions, but it’s also led to some unexpected opportunities. On Friday night in San Francisco, people were able to attend the famed Sundance Film Festival, without having to head all the way to Utah.

While some events are continuing to be scrubbed, like news that Southern California health officials cancelled the Coachella Music Festival again, the organizers of the Sundance Film Festival decided to get creative.

Fort Mason is one of only 28 independent screens across the country that’s participating in this unusual Sundance Film Festival arrangement this year, and it’s the only one in California. Sundance partnered with the Roxy Theater, and they partnered with Fort Mason.

And because this is Sundance, you never know who’s going to be there.

“We just showed the Rita Moreno doc, and Rita Moreno was actually here in the audience,” said Lex Sloan, Roxy Theater executive director.

All ticket sales go to local venues, an effort by Sundance to keep local theaters alive in tough times.

Unfortunately, all screenings at Fort Mason for the festival are sold out, but they can still be viewed through the festival’s online portal.

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