Memorial Day

Thousands Flock to San Francisco Beaches on Memorial Day

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Thousands of people flocked to Bay Area beaches this Memorial Day Weekend, looking for relief from the heat and a feeling of normalcy.

At San Francisco’s Ocean Beach, a mixed report on how well people followed the distancing rules that could keep the beaches open in the future.

“There’s only so long you can stay at home,” said Abe Salamy from San Francisco. “We got to get back to work, got to get the economy rolling again.”

From some angles, there appeared to be proper distancing by people out on the hot summer-like day. But some say where they were sunbathing, physical distancing was not happening.

“No one was wearing masks and people were not trying to keep a distance,” said Clelia Rodriguez from San Francisco.

For people who parked along the Great Highway, it was a rough day. Some got stuck,  and some got stuck with a parking ticket.

“$100,” said Noel Romero. “I’ll suck it up, I got it - lesson learned.”

He and more than 300 others thought this holiday weekend got parking tickets.

Police say those “NO PARKING ANYTIME” signs have been here for decades, and there’s a reason for them.

“If you park there, lifeguards and firefighters don’t have anywhere to get their equipment down safely for water rescues and we know that people have drowned here on this beach,” said Officer Gian Tozzini from SFPD. 

And it was more of a field day than a holiday for tow truck drivers, pulling illegally-parked cars out of the sand.

Police said they received compliments while writing those tickets Monday from bicyclists who appreciated something being done about the cars blocking their bike lanes.

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