San Francisco

Uber, Lyft Cut Tax Deal With San Francisco

San Francisco officials have agreed to withdraw a proposed corporate tax targeting the rideshare services Uber and Lyft in exchange for their support of a statewide ballot measure that allows cities to tax them 3.25 percent per ride.

San Francisco City Supervisor Aaron Peskin brokered the deal during the last month. He calls it a “step in the right direction”, saying the agreement came after providers realized they likely would lose a costly ballot fight in November over the city’s proposed tax.

If approved by voters, the 3.25 percent per ride tax could generate as much as $30 million annually for transit projects in the city, Peskin says.

Uber and Lyft officials both issued statements last Tuesday, hailing the agreement.

Alex Randolph, who oversees policy in Northern California for Uber, said: “We appreciate the constructive and good faith negotiations with San Francisco lawmakers and we look forward to working with city and state officials to ensure a successful campaign in 2019.”

Lyft said: “We are glad to have arrived at a solution that will help keep rideshare convenient and affordable and look forward to continuing these conversations with city and state officials."

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