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Vaccinations Paused at Moscone Center in SF Due to Lack of Supply

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San Francisco authorities confirmed Sunday that vaccinations at Moscone Center vaccination site will pause for a week due to lack of supply.

In a statement, officials said the vaccine supply coming to the city is "limited, inconsistent, and unpredictable, making vaccine rollout difficult and denying San Franciscans this potentially life-saving intervention."

Recently, vaccination sites opened at Moscone Center and City College, thus aiding in vaccinating 31% of the 65 and older population. San Francisco has the capacity to administer more than 10,000 vaccines per day but lack the vaccine supply, officials said.

The Moscone Center vaccination site in San Francisco has been forced to pause vaccinations due to lack of supply. In Marin County, vaccinations will begin being administered to residents 65 years and older but officials report a vaccinations shortage, as well. Kris Sanchez has more information on how counties are managing the high demand and low supply of COVID-19 vaccines.

"We got hit this week really with a very low allocation, meaning that we can’t continue our operations,” said San Francisco Department of Emergency Management Executive Director Mary Ellen Carroll.

Mayor London Breed also tweeted that she’s “frustrated because we’ve shown that San Francisco can administer shots as soon as they come in.”

“City College has been running well for weeks. The reports at Moscone Center are overwhelmingly positive. The only thing holding us back is a lack of supply, and I’m hoping that will change soon,” she said.

So far, the site has averaged 7,400 vaccines per day at the site.

Moscone Center in San Francisco opened Friday for its first full day as a high-volume, mass COVID-19 vaccination hub. Pete Suratos reports.

Vaccinations at City College will resume Friday for second doses only.

A third site opening the the Bayview area will operate far under capacity.

As of February 13, San Francisco received 262,000 doses and administered more than 190,000 doses to San Franciscans and surrounding Bay Area residents, according to officials.

Two longtime Bay Area residents who just got their first vaccinations at Moscone Center Sunday evening said they’re hopeful the supply issue will be taken care of soon.

“Everybody will be able to get their shot,” said Ed Garcia of San Francisco. “We just have to play it smart until then, you know? Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Do all the right things.”

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