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Woman Robbed, Dragged on Walk Home From Church in San Francisco

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Neighbors described a purse snatching in San Francisco as “jarring and terrifying” after an Asian woman was attacked as she walked home from church Sunday and part of it was caught on camera.

Video of the end of the attack shows a woman attempting to hold onto a purse as thieves drove away with it, literally dragging her along the streets of San Francisco. 

Police say it all began with three men running up and assaulting then robbing the woman, and her friend.

A witness, who lived in a nearby building, saw it all and says while crime is not new there, this was particularly troubling. 

“So I dropped cooking, came over, looked and then she was trying to grab her purse with these two guys, you know, fighting with her and then she jumps in the car as they’re taking off and she has her arm in the car trying to get her purse, trying to hold onto them," said Kirk Paganelli of San Francisco. 

A woman who works in the area is still feeling the fear days after witnessing the assault. 

“For it to happen in the middle of a Sunday afternoon is kind of jarring so that I think has just got me a little shaken,” said Adriana of San Francisco. 

After dropping the woman literally in the middle of this intersection, the three suspects fled the scene and have not been caught. 

The San Francisco Police Department has asked the public for help in their ongoing investigation. 

They also say that while the victim is of Asian descent, it's not clear whether this attack was motivated by hate - or simply a crime of opportunity.

But that doesn’t do much to ease the fears of those who walk these streets... 

“I live over here, nervous, I have two daughters I’m so scared I tell them don’t go outside, just stay home,” said Wendy Wu of San Francisco.

District Supervisor Aaron Peskin says he recognizes the fears growing in the Asian community and says he encourages anyone who feels they need it - to reach out to his office for support, including legal and mental health support.

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