San Francisco

San Jose Accepts Electric Scooters, Adds Regulations

Electric scooters might have been banned from San Francisco, but in San Jose, city leaders are accepting the new form of high-tech transportation, but with regulations.

City leaders invited the public to San Jose City Hall where people were encouraged to ask questions and take a test drive Thursday.

"I think it's a really convenient way to get around," said Rich Greenwood from San Jose.

Scooter companies like Bird and Lime are sporting billion dollar company valuations and quickly becoming the ride of choice for people in the South Bay.

"There are places that are five to six blocks away that might take a while to walk to," said Greenwood. "Doesn't make sense to drive, doesn't make sense to call a cab or Uber but makes perfect sense to ride a scooter."

However, not everyone is sold just yet. Critics say they’re dangerous, especially racing on sidewalks, and they get dropped off, all over the place, cluttering already busy walkways.

"It definitely helps students be a lot more mobile around the city, but it can be disruptive, much like bikes, where they get in the way of traffic, and that's a safety concern," said Christin Roberson from San Jose.

San Jose shares the same concerns, but the city continues to work to figure out how to best regulate the scooters and their users.

"We know we need to address parking issues, to address concerns of pedestrians in the sidewalk," said Colin Heyne from the San Jose Department of Transportation. “We also want to make sure it's affordable for low income residents."

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