San Jose

San Jose City Council Considers Sanctioning Tent Cities

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story, first posted on Dec. 2, incorrectly stated that tent cities were sanctioned in San Jose. The story was corrected on Dec. 7, 2015.

The San Jose City Council voted 9 to 1 on Tuesday to study what it would take to sanction a tent city in San Jose, following Seattle as a model.

Staff was told to quickly come up with a plan that could provide approved locations across San Jose for homeless people to gather and sleep.

Council member Ash Kalra said it's not a perfect solution, but it gives many of the thousands of homeless people in San Jose a safe place to stay, especially for this El Nino winter.

Also, on Tuesday, San Jose approved a second motel to be used as a temporary shelter for the homeless. The Santa Clara Inn on The Alameda will be transformed into a homeless shelter. In September, San Jose made the Plaza Hotel into temporary apartments for the homeless for five years.

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