San Jose

San Jose Councilman Suggests Plan to House Homeless in Vacant Google Buildings

One San Jose councilman said he may have found a short-term solution to the homeless problem while the city works on a long-term plan.

Councilman Sergio Jimenez has brought up an idea to house the homeless inside vacant buildings, primarily those owned by Google. The tech giant owns many vacant buildings next to the Diridon train station.

"They're going to have vacant buildings," Jimenez said. "Why not utilize them and house the homeless folks around the city."

Jimenez has not approached Google about the idea, but he hopes the city will support his two-year plan while the tech giant completes the permitting and design process.

Homeless advocates like Shaunn Cartwright said they have been asking the same question for years.

Cartwright said the move would also be a great humanitarian gesture by Google, whose move to San Jose has been met with opposition by homeless and community activists.

Google is slated to buy more property from San Jose this week.

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