Baby Born in Front Seat of Minivan Near School Bus Yard

Quentin Alexander Lopez is going to have some story to tell when he grows up.

The baby boy was born in the front seat of a minivan in the San Jose Unified School District's bus yard off of Highway 87.

Yolanda Lopez and her mother in law were on their way to Valley Medical Center, but she knew she wasn't going to make it.

"I was pretty calm. I knew he was coming. And as a mom, I knew I had to just take care of what was happening," Lopez said. "One good push and he was out. He was wide awake and happy as can be."

A San Jose Fire Department dispatcher also helped.

The dispatcher, Tiffany Stephenson, had only been on the job for a few months before getting the call.

"I just wrapped everything up with cleaning the child and keeping him warm," Stephenson said. "Keeping the mother warm, calming the mother-in-law down, just waiting for the help to arrive."

It's an experience she won't forget.

"It was exciting. It was cool to help somebody else out in a moment like that," Stephenson said. "To be there for someone who went through something so intense."

The San Jose Fire Department said their dispatchers have helped in the delivery of four babies born in the past few months. Each dispatcher is given a "stork" pin to commemorate the event.

Quentin and her newborn on Wednesday were resting in a hospital bed.

And the proud father? He's happy everything came out fine.

"That's amazing. That is a blessing to have something like that happen and everything come out so clean," David Lopez said. "Both mom and baby be healthy. It's just a blessing."

A blessing and a gift in time for Thanksgiving.

"I have a lot of emotions. Of course he's healthy. He's beautiful. I'm happy," Yolanda Lopez said. "But it is a little weird that I didn't make it to the hospital. It's Thanksgiving. I'm really thankful he came out healthy."

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