San Jose

San Jose Dispensary Becoming the Amazon of Pot Shopping

Haze launching online shopping and delivery services for its customers

The marijuana business is going high-tech, with online shopping and delivery straight to your home.

It works with food, books and electronics. So why not weed? One South Bay dispensary is about to flip the switch.

Haze dispensary in San Jose says it's launching both online orders and a delivery service, both of which, according to business experts, will go a long way toward legitimizing the business.

Pending police approval, Haze will soon be delivering marijuana to its customers by car. The company also just rolled out a way to shop online, with the goal of making shopping easier.

"If you're somebody with mobility issues, it can be a really big challenge to drive down here, park, get out of your wheelchair and then come in," said Robert Cortese, IT director for Haze.

Ben Larson, co-founder of Gateway, an Oakland-based cannabis incubator, said digitizing the business is a no-brainer.

"We're all used to a digital experience these days," Larson said. "For businesses, the key to success these days, especially in tech, is removing the barriers to entry for customers."

Haze says it has to get its delivery cars approved by the San Jose Police Department.

It expects that approval to come Thursday, and then they can start deliveries in a week.

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