San Jose Earthquakes Play Pickup Games With San Quentin State Prison Inmates

The San Jose Earthquakes took to Twitter Thursday to remind everyone that soccer is "more than a game."

A couple of players and the team’s staff visited San Quentin State Prison for a few pickup games with some of the inmates and the local soccer team shared the experience on Twitter.

"Thank you for coming, we really appreciate it," said one of the inmates as he handed player Paul Sylvain Marie a bracelet.

Eric Calvillo was also on the field and later Tweeted "One of the most memorable moments of my life and truly an honor and privilege to experience this! Can’t wait to go back next year."

"I’ve been in San Quentin for seven years now," said inmate Juan Carlos Meza. "When I get on the field and start playing, it just everything else goes away. I just become a human being again, not a criminal, I’m not incarcerated or anything like that. I’m just a person on the field trying to score a goal with some other people."

The video has received nearly 200 retweets and over 700 likes with people praising the team for their actions.

"On behalf of the San Quentin Soccer Association, we want to welcome the San Jose Earthquakes," said a man from the prison. "I just want to let you know guys that it’s a privilege for us, an honor to have you here."

For Meza, the Earthquake’s visit was more than a sweet gesture or fun competition.

"Some people say soccer is just a sport but I’ve learned a lot of things from soccer," he said. "It’s bringing my mind to good citizenship, to caring about the community. How could I be part of society out there and what was I lacking?"

Watch the full video here:

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