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San Jose Family Dog Hurt in Residential Burglary

San Jose police are investigating a residential burglary Friday morning that left a small family dog injured and bleeding.

Just after 11 a.m., police received a report of the burglary and an animal cruelty incident on the 1200 block of Culpepper Drive. When the homeowner, Tony, arrived home, he found his house ransacked with blood throughout his home.

The suspects assaulted the family dog during the armed robbery, causing it injuries and bleeding, police said.

Tony, who chose not to reveal his last name, said he feared his dog Boba had died. After searching everywhere in the home, he finally found the Pomeranian mix hiding in the patio.

"He was so bloody we couldn't even recognize him," Tony said. "And when I got home, it was already dry, but it was just sticky on his face, from the top of his head, his face, and all over his was all bleeding."

Tony said the burglars stole jewelry, a laptop, and other electronics, but what shocked him the most is what they did to his best friend Boba.

He said it appeared the suspects went out of their way to kick or beat the 14-pound dog.

"I am like beyond upset," Tony said. "Like my dog is everything to me. I take him hiking. I take him camping with me, and we go biking together. I bike with my dog. He sleeps with me every night.  So, this is like the worse news ever."

The first suspect has been described as possibly a dark-skinned Asian man in his late teens to early 20s, wearing a baseball cap with a hooded jacket and jeans.

Police said the second suspect is possibly a Hispanic man in his late teens to early 20s, wearing a baseball cap, hooded sweatshirt, long shorts, white socks, and black tennis shoes.

Boba spent the night at a veterinary hospital and is expected to survive.

The suspects have not been identified, and they remain at large.

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