San Jose Fatal Accident, Driver Suspected of DUI, Driving Recklessly: PD

A driver of a yellow Volkswagen bug died late Monday night in San Jose, in a case of where suspected drunk driving, speed and rainy weather are considered likely factors.

Police spokesman Albert Morales said the driver — identified as Carlos Villalobos, 19, of San Jose — was arrested for felony drunk driving, hit-and-run and two outstanding warrants.

According to the Santa Clara County medical examiner's office, the victim was Carlos Manrique Torres, 36, of San Jose. This marks the city's 53rd fatal traffic collision and Torres is the 56th victim of 2015.

Police said Villalobos, who was driving an SUV, ran a red light and struck the Volkswagen at 10:46 p.m. at Senter and Singleton roads.

He was also reported to have been "reported to be involved in other acts of reckless driving and other accidents," Lt. Chris Monahan said, which police are trying to piece together to see if they are related.

When officers arrived to the scene, they found that the driver in the Volkswagen had sustained major injuries and was pronounced dead. Villalobos was taken to the hospital.

There was a driver of a third vehicle involved, but police said he not report any significant injuries despite damage to the Dodge Challenger.

Richard Lucero was a witness to some of what happened.

"I was in the back room and I heard a car going very, very fast," he told NBC Bay Area. "Maybe 50 or more miles an hour. And, sure enough, I heard a big bang. We ran outside. I ran to the Volkswagen over there and I saw the man was not responsive. I did check his pulse and he died right there."

Lucero added he had never seen such a sight before: "It’s really bad. I don’t know why he was going that fast. I was a little shook up."

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