San Jose

San Jose Homeowners Fed Up Over Large Abandoned Vehicles

San Jose homeowners are up in arms over large abandoned vehicles being left in their neighborhoods.

Residents said it is an ongoing, unresolved dilemma.

"It's an eyesore, and it's definitely not pretty to look at," homeowner Rob Kiel said.

Kiel, who lives off 28th Street near downtown San Jose, said he has had to look at an abandoned recreational vehicle near his home for about two weeks.

The Roosevelt Neighborhood Association said it complains, vehicles are then tagged and sometimes cited. But the association said nothing else is done.

City-contracted tow truck companies complained last year that it could not afford the city fees it pays to take vehicles that cannot be re-sold. The two sides are still trying to work out a new arrangement.

Homeowners said that is not their problem -- the untowed vehicles are.

"The contracted tow truck company for our area refused to take an abandoned motor home because they said they didn't have enough storage," said David Vieira, Roosevelt Neighborhood Association vice president. "They're allowing blight and they have a contract. Honor the contract. Get the vehicles out of here. Instead of essentially allowing blight to fester in our neighborhoods. It's just not right."

Homeowners also said the longer the vehicles are there, public danger escalates.

City officials said under a new agreement, tow truck companies are allowed to delay a two if they do not have storage space, but are not allowed to refuse a tow.

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