San Jose Judge Blocks California From Selling State Assets

A San Francisco judge said yes but a San Jose judge wielded a heavier gavel.

A plan to sell 11 California-owned buildings was blocked by the Sixth District Court of Appeal in San Jose, just a week after it was approved by a judge in San Francisco.

The state had planned to sell 11 buildings, including the Supreme Court in San Francisco, to help close California's lingering budget shortfalls.

The deal would have netted the state $1.2 billion after it paid $1.1 billion in debt. But earlier this year two former members of the Los Angeles State Building Authority sued the state to block the sale of the buildings.

A judge said in November she would consider the suit. But last week it was pushed through as legal.

The deal was supposed to close Wednesday but the decision by the Sixth District Court of Appeal will put any sale on hold until all legal matters are hemmed out.

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