Suspect in Alleged Attempted San Jose Kidnappings, Carjackings Released From Jail After Posting Bail

San Jose police are working on building a stronger legal case against a man arrested after an alleged crime spree that included attacks on officers and possible carjacking and kidnapping attempts.

The suspect, identified by police as Albert Alexander Hernandez, has been released from jail after posting $75,000 bail.

Surveillance video shows a man, who police said is the 22-year-old Hernandez, running and being chased by people after he allegedly attempted to kidnap a child on Friday.

The suspect then tried to carjack a white vehicle but the motorist, refusing to cooperate, drove off with the man clinging to the car’s window, the video shows,

As responding officers swarmed the area, the man can be seen falling off from the car and fleeing on foot.

Police believe that the man, who acted "bizzarely" and may have been on drugs, tried to kidnap two different children Friday afternoon – one at Cahalan Park and another as he ran from the scene.

Hernandez, who also failed at another alleged carjacking attempt, was spotted by officers, chased and nabbed, police said.

"This is a very violent situation. It was a violent incident," San Jose Police spokesman Albert Morales said. "Some people were obviously traumatized -- either the victims of the incident or people who had to observe or witness what was going on."

Police previously made a public plea for witnesses to come forward. Authorities on Wednesday said enough witnesses have been found to charge Hernandez with felony attempted carjacking and hit and run.

In addition, police said Hernandez was charged with assault on a police officer, battery on an officer and resisting arrest.

"In order to go ahead and amend the charges to include the kidnapping offenses that we know occurred, we have to have the victims come forward to go ahead and explain the incident as it unfolded," Morales said.

Police said the investigation is ongoing and no date has been set for Hernandez to appear in court.

People with information about the incident can call the San Jose Police Department at 408-277-8900.

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