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San Jose Leaders Step In After Rat Infestation Found Near Park, Homeless Encampment

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San Jose City officials are stepping in after they said that a rat infestation has gotten out of control in one neighborhood.

According to officials, the infestation happened at Columbus Park, just a few blocks south of Mineta San Jose International Airport.

San Jose city officials said they have worked with vector control to trap some of the rats. They also tested them, and they don't have any diseases.

But city leaders added there's a homeless camp at the park and it's contributing to the problem.

“There is a lot of food being left out in the open. The city staff is working on an encampment management strategy between now and the end of June when everyone is supposed to be moved out of the area,” said San Jose City Councilmember Dev Davis.

That timeline Davis referred to is part of a phased plan between the city and FAA to clear encampments near the airport.

The city said it's doing everything it can to work with Santa Clara County and make sure all unhoused residents have a permanent place to live.

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