San Jose Leads Bay Area in Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities

21 pedestrians and five cyclists died on San Jose streets in 2013.

Some 21 pedestrians have died after being struck by cars on streets in San Jose, the most of any city in the Bay Area -- and the most pedestrian fatalities in San Jose since 1997.

Another five cyclists were struck and killed by motorists in 2013, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Across the state, pedestrian deaths are now 22.3 percent of all traffic fatalities.

That's much higher in San Jose -- there were 39 traffic deaths total, 26 of which were pedestrians or cyclists, according to the Mercury News.

Officials say that pedestrians crossing streets at night -- and in dark clothing -- is one reason behind the spike in deaths.

Cell phones are also to blame: a 14-year-old girl, using her cell phone in a "non-signaled" crosswalk, died after she was struck by a car, the newspaper reported.

San Francisco had 17 pedestrian deaths and Oakland had seven this year, the newspaper reported.

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