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San Jose Man Breaks Into Assisted Living Center to Visit His Ailing Common-Law Wife

A San Jose man who has been barred from seeing his ailing common-law wife in an assisted living center is fighting to regain access to see her and possibly have her moved to another facility.

Skyline Healthcare Center in San Jose is keeping 57-year-old Khaled Ayyad out of the facility because he is not the patient's legal husband.

Ayyad wants to remove his common-law wife, 67-year-old Mae Cho, out of the healthcare center because of living conditions he did not like. His complaints also included arguing with nurses after visiting hours.

The center in response got a restraining order against Ayyad, but it did not keep him away.

"I came through the back, climbed a fence and went through the kitchen," Ayyad said.

When asked if he broke in, Ayyad said "Yes, I broke in."

Skyline Healthcare Center in response to Ayyad's situation "We cannot and will not allow any individual to come into our center, repeatedly threaten and violate the rights of our staff."

Cho's condition has deteriorated greatly. Ayyad was told he had no rights to move her elsewhere because there is no marriage certificate.

Ayyad has been put in jail four times for sneaking in for visitation and was last arrested on Christmas Eve.

On Wednesday afternoon, a spokesperson for Skyline Healthcare Center said "We are trying to search for an alternative residential location for his wife. Hopefully, we'll be able to get her in a different setting."

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