San Jose Man Accused of Resisting Arrest, Biting Police Dog

Man bites dog. That's the classic example of what makes news.

And it really happened. But the headline in this case should technically be "Man Bites Police Dog."

Santa Clara County Sheriff's spokesman Kurtis Stenderup said they took Frank Garcia, 34, into custody on charges of  resisting arrest, brandishing weapon,  felony vandalism, being under the influence of a controlled substance and injuring a police dog - all from a bizarre incident on Monday near San Jose.

"Ski," the German Shepherd, suffered some scraped paws but is expected to be OK and return to work soon.

Garcia's photo was not immediately available because he is recovering from self-inflicted injuries in the hospital.

Some of the scuffle was caught on a cell phone video, which shows a deputy - gun raised - trying to talk down a man in a confrontation on Raymond Avenue in unincorporated San Jose.

Garcia, armed with what deputies are saying was a knife, slashed a tire and smashed several car windows prompting more deputies to be called out for help.

Still, the video shows the man continuing to resist arrest, and then he stabbed himself three times, according to the sheriff's office. His injuries are not considered life-threatening.

The deputies then released "Ski," who Garcia allegedly choked, punched and bit. Deputies were at that point able to tackle and subdue him.

A relative said she was thankful that the officers did not open fire on her cousin.

"Can you please tell the officer thank you for not shooting my cousin," Maxine Gonzales said. "I appreciate that he was really good and he handled himself really good."

 Here is the six-minute video - sometimes shot sideways - by Max Dehart on YouTube.

NBC Bay Area's Kristofer Noceda contributed to this report.

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