San Jose Merchants Share Surveillance Videos in Hopes of Curbing Crime Spree

A South Bay business park is fed up after more than a year of growing problems, including prostitution, drug deals and break-ins.

Now the merchants on Monterey Highway in San Jose are sharing their surveillance footage with NBC Bay Area in hopes of bringing attention to the crimes in the area.

A merchant shared surveillance video he said captures one of his employees running for cover after a man carjacked the worker at gunpoint. That same merchant had to stop a woman from trying to sleep inside his van.

"I had to tell her, please leave before I call the cops," merchant Francisco Medina said.

Other surveillance footage shows cars doing donuts in a back lot, which merchants claim happens every weekend.

"We've had multiple parents come up to me saying 'I don't feel safe with my kids here'," said Taylor Pulbrook, a manager for the Rockin' Jump business in the area.

Pulbrook worries the crime and chaos is hurting business.

David Nguyen, a manager at a store two doors down from Rockin' Jump, said vandals broke into his business two weeks ago.

"The door was sawed off at the top and they bent down the bars," he said.

Nguyen said the crooks took off with more than $50,000 in inventory. The merchants in the industrial park said the city has looked into the crime spree, but not much has changed.

The merchants are now considering hiring their own private security to patrol the grounds. For now, the business owners are looking out for each other.

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