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San Jose Mom Cheers for Daughter Competing at the Winter Olympics

A San Jose mother is anxiously waiting to watch her daughter compete at the Winter Olympics in Beijing.

For two decades, Rachel Llanes has been living and breathing hockey. From street hockey outside of her San Jose home at age 10 to pro hockey in Boston, and now the world's stage.

Her biggest fan? Her mom, of course.

“We are so proud that was her dream since she was young to go to the Olympics and it happened. I am so happy she fulfilled her dream,” said Tess Llanes, mother of Rachel Llanes.

Rachel Llanes is already making her mark on China’s Olympic women’s hockey team as she scored the winning goal in their first game.

Rachel Llanes graduated from Gunderson High School and her mom said when it came to hockey her daughter was all about goals, both on and off the ice.

"She set up her goals once a month and then quarterly and then long term to go to the Olympics. We are very proud of her," Tess Llanes said.

While Tess Llanes wasn’t able to go to Beijing to watch her daughter, she texts her constantly and said Rachel told her she loved the opening ceremony.

And Tess added that she's offering plenty of motherly advice.

“I told her wherever you go, I know you will be the best you can be,” she said.

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