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San Jose Neighborhood Fed Up With Alleged Prostitution

Residents of a San Jose neighborhood are beyond frustrated after years of seeing alleged prostitutes take over an area where children play during the day.

Police are unveiling a program where people can report prostitution and other crimes through a website. Residents in the area say they’ve been waiting seven years for police and city officials to do something about the problem. They feel like prisoners in their own neighborhood.

When the sun goes down, prostitutes come out at Sherman and Edwards avenue in San Jose.

"On any given night, you’ll have five to six girls on the intersection waiting to get picked up," said one neighbor who did not wish to be identified. "It’s next to a church, a library, middle school, a bunch of small businesses in the area."

The schoolchildren walk by condoms, needles and women’s underwear in the morning.

The pimps can get rather violent, throwing bottles at homes and striking fear into residents.

"We feel like prisoners in our homes," he said. "We’ve seen the girls get beat, shot at by the pimps. That’s not right. What’s the city doing about it?"

The San Jose Police Department said it is launching the Report John program to reduce human trafficking and prostitution. It’s an online form where people can report prostitution anonymously.

Those who live in the area don’t feel like it's is enough.

"(Police) say they are frustrated just like us," the neighbor said. "I can’t image they’re frustrated just like us."

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