San Jose

San Jose Neighborhood Loses Power as Temperatures Soar

The Glen North neighborhood in San Jose has experienced two power outages this week, worrying residents as temperatures soar in a record heatwave.

“It came back on and then shut off again,” said Mark Santos, a local resident. “It was on for like two hours.”

Due to concerns about heat, residents in the affected areas are considering leaving town. Santos, who had to throw away most of his food as it spoiled during the outages, said he had been staying with a friend.

Allen Nguyen, another PG&E customer affected by this week’s outages, has been spending days at his girlfriend’s house trying to keep his dog safe from the heat.

“It’s been difficult, I’ve just been showering in the dark using my iPhone light,” he said.

According to PG&E the outages were due to underground work which damaged a transformer and cable. The company claimed that the problem, which initially affected about 2,200 customers, is now fixed.

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