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San Jose Alters Some Intersections in Hopes of Preventing Sideshows

The city has added barriers at six intersections, essentially shrinking them

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In the ongoing battle to stop sideshows, the city of San Jose has implemented a new pilot project that aims to discourage people from gathering at some intersections.

Sideshows are illegal and dangerous stunt and street racing events that have become an almost nightly nuisance in some South Bay neighborhoods.

"At night, they’re doing donuts," resident Tina Sandoval said. "It’s loud and it's constant every night."

Under the pilot program, the city has added barriers at six intersections in hopes of preventing sideshows. The barriers essentially shrink the intersection.

"They kind of took a lane away to put these little blocks to make it tighter so that they can't do them," Sandoval said. "In the long run, it should work."

The city said installation is fast. Officials will wait to see what kind of impact the project has before expanding.

Neighbors know the participants will likely just move to other intersections, but police vow to keep up enforcement.

"We don’t want these dangerous events in San Jose," San Jose Police Department spokesman Christian Camarillo said. "If you come here and you attend these, we will cite you. If you’re using your vehicle, we will tow your car."

Police admit the sideshows have been getting more dangerous. Three weeks ago, a man was seen firing his rifle.

"It's very worrisome," Camarillo said. "Looks like an AR-15 type of rifle."

Police have impounded dozens of cars and the city attorney has cited hundreds of spectators under a new local ordinance.

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