San Jose Police Auditor Recommends More Training to Prevent Biased Policing

An independent auditor is recommending better training for the San Jose Police Department to prevent biased policing.

The 2014 police report, which reviews complaints from people who accuse officers of misconduct and how the department handled the investigation, was presented to the San Jose City Council on Tuesday.

LaDoris Cordell, the independent police auditor, in the report also calls for more transparency within the police department and racial training.

Cordell, who is soon stepping down from her position, said in the last five years there have been 192 racial bias complaints against SJPD. None of the complaints were validated in the last give years or ever in the history of the department.

"Something needs to be done," Cordell said. "I'm unwilling to accept the premise that there's been no merit to any of these complaints at least over the last five years."

Cordell recommends training, more diversity within the department and a new, more thorough way to investigate complaints that deal with race.

"Look at the history of the officer. Has the officer had previous complaints? Has this officer had complaints of being discourteous from people of color?" Cordell said.

San Jose Police Chief Larry Esquivel said the department has already added increased training at the police academy. He adds the department is working to minimize biased policing.

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