South Bay

San Jose Police Arrest Four Teens for Alleged Car Theft

With rifles and K-9s in hand, San Jose police officers went door to door in the Evergreen community in search of four suspects who stole a car then crashed it after the cops gave chase on Thursday.

All four suspects were arrested.

"Feels like a movie almost," Evergreen resident Naomi Tanner said. "There was a good response. A lot of police."

With all of the suspects being between the ages of 14 and 16, SJPD says burglars are getting younger. San Jose police Chief Eddie Garcia notes juveniles face very limited consequences, serving little to no time in juvenile hall for these types of crimes, making it easier for teens to engage in illegal activity.

Residents of the Evergreen area are familiar with these types of crimes. SJPD Sgt. Eddie Chan said that two years ago, residents in the South Bay community were often being burglarized.

"When a crew gets arrested, the next one moves in," Chan said.

Two years ago, SJPD had a shortage of officers that may have been linked to the burglaries, now, there are more cops on the street, and they vow to respond to calls like these immediately.

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