Deal Reached by San Jose Police, Fire Unions to Fix Measure B Reportedly Nixed by City

After squabbling for months and cops leaving in droves, the San Jose police and fire unions finally have a deal with the city to fix Measure B.

Or do they?

The controversy had the city council calling for an emergency closed session Friday afternoon.

A letter obtained by NBC Bay Area suggests the San Jose police and fire union presidents reached a deal with the city manager on a fix to the measure, which would have ended litigation on the challenge to the pension reform initiative.

The letter suggests the city council shot down a presumed deal agreed to by their own negotiator, the city manager.

Jim Unland, San Jose Police Officers Association president, said the council needs to approve a deal fast because a deal must be reached before the November elections.

"If we don't get this done now, we have to wait two and a half years to get another crack at it," Unland said. "In two and a half more years, we're going to be past the point of no return with staffing at the police department."

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