San Jose Police Identify Man Shot Dead by Officer After Domestic Violence Incident, Stabbing

San Jose Police Department/NBC Bay Area

San Jose police on Wednesday identified a man shot dead by an officer earlier in the week after he stabbed his estranged wife and a man believed to be her companion. 

Officer Don Guess, who has 20 years of police work under his belt, shot Byron Rosas, 45, of San Jose, on Monday, according to police.

Guess responded to a report of a stabbing at South 3rd and Martha at about 6:15 p.m., police said. The suspect had encountered his estranged wife and her "male acquaintance," which, in turn, sparked a domestic violence incident and multiple stabbings, they said.

"I heard arguing – not sure what all it was – and then followed by four loud 'whys.’ ‘Why? Why? Why? Why?'" said a neighbor, who identified himself only as Marcos. 

James Ballard, who lives next door to the victim, said a man staggered out of the house bleeding.

"I went up directly to him and told him he had to grab ... his neck because so much blood was coming out," he said.

Ballard said the wounded man was followed by the knife-wielding Rosas when a woman ran out of the house and jumped on his back.

"He started stabbing her, he stabbed her over his shoulder … in the neck," he said, adding that Rosas fought off neighbors and ignored Guess's commands to "stop."

Ballard continued: "[The police officer] had his gun drawn and he was going to shoot, but there was a kid on the opposite side of the guy, so the cop was good, he kind of waited."

Guess fired roughly six shot, Ballard said, before Rosas went down.

Police are not confirming witnesses’ accounts or providing details about the shooting. They did say, though, that Rosas was the focus of a domestic violence case at the same residence in December.

They also described Monday’s shooting as a hectic scene.

"With everyone that was within that area, plus the fact the suspect could have started going back into the residence, that is why the officer did what he did," San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia said.

Rosas' estranged wife remains in hospital in critical condition while the other man was treated and released.

An investigation is ongoing, police said.

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