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San Jose Police Investigating $800K In Missing Gear from SJSU

Somehow, $800,000 in wireless Internet gear has gone missing from SJSU.

San Jose State University is missing something.

About $800,000 worth of things, in fact.

Shortly after spending $28 million on campus Internet upgrades, San Jose State has reported as much as $800,000 in wireless Internet gear, including 500 "wireless access points" that cost $1,000 each, missing, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

Campus officials said only that the gear "might not have been delivered," the newspaper reported, though more questions than answers were available Monday.

Nexus IS, the company that shipped the gear on behalf of Cisco Systems, with whom SJSU partnered to upgrade its network, would not say whether or not the gear has been shipped.

However, the company pledged to work with San Jose State cops to solve the mystery.

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