San Jose

San Jose Police Investigating Shooting Outside Chili's at Eastridge Mall

A man was hospitalized Tuesday after shooting in front of a Chili's restaurant at the Eastridge mall in San Jose, police said.

Police said the shooting occurred around 3:30 p.m. and left the man with non-life threatening wounds.

"The victim right now is expected to survive," San Jose police spokesperson Elle Washburn said.

Police don't know who the suspects are, how many shots were fired or what led up to the shooting. They were hoping late Tuesday to find something of substance on surveillance video.

According to witnesses, four suspects were seen fleeing the scene. They also described hearing seven shots ring out. Diners were being forced to wait inside the Chili's.

One witness said there were between six and eight shots, "but the first two were like pop pop, then there was a pause, then you heard pop pop pop like somebody was unloading."

Several bullets tore into the door of a nearby Toyota Prius. Another shot shattered a window at a Citibank branch.

The witness, who did not want to be identified, said he saw four young black men running from the scene, three in black hoodies, one in a red hoodie.

"One had a revolver pistol, long barrel and skinny, and they ran towards Fresco," the witness said. "They were in single file kind a looking back. One of them lost a shoe; he was running without a shoe."

Witnesses said the shooting occurred after a Craigslist sale reportedly went bad. Police have yet to confirm this.

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