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San Jose Police Officer Prepares for a Life-Saving Donation

San Jose Police Officer Jesse Villaescusa knows there is always a chance the next call will send him rushing to save someone’s life. One of those calls came recently, but not when he was in uniform, and not the way he expected.

He is now preparing to donate his bone marrow in hopes of saving the life of a former United States Marine.

"I had been selected as a possible match for a patient," said Villaescusa.

After the call, the police officer suddenly found himself on a different mission, one that doesn’t require a badge and a gun, but rather bone marrow, and a heart. Villaescusa just happens to have all four.

"I could have been anything," he said. "I could have been homeless and if they would have called, I would have still been happy to do it."

The officer doesn’t know who the patient is, only that she’s a minor, and he’ll have to travel out of state for the procedure in the next couple weeks.

"It’s just another example of these officers stepping up and doing what they need to do for our community," said San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia. "Whether public safety or an issue like this."

A cop who’s used to chasing bad guys is now temporarily trading his uniform for a hospital gown, and a badge of courage.

"I wouldn’t look at it as a super power," said Villaescusa. "I was just born with the right blood, born lucky. But I’m happy to do it and glad I’m given the opportunity to help somebody out in that way."

Officer Villaescusa hopes to draw attention to bone marrow donation, and he hopes more people sign up for the registry.

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