San Jose

San Jose Officers Shoot at Charging Dogs, Striking 1 in Paw

San Jose police officers responding to a disturbance call Wednesday morning shot at three charging dogs, striking one of them in the paw, according to officials.

The Rottweiler that was hit by gunfire was taken to a veterinarian but is expected to be OK. The officers did not suffer any injuries, police said.

As responding officers approached a residence along the 3000 block of Florence Avenue around 5:45 a.m., three dogs charged at them, police said. Two officers opened fire at the dogs, prompting the animals to run back to the backyard of the residence and hide under a vehicle.

An animal control official eventually arrived to check on the dogs. The owner of the Rottweiler later took the dog to a veterinarian himself.

Further information was not available. 

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