San Jose Police on Alert Amid Surge in Gang Violence

The San Jose police brass is urging beat officers to be careful when approaching crime scenes.

NBC Bay Area learned that the department’s commanders sent out an alert warning officers to wait for backup when responding to violent crimes, especially in light of a recent spike in gang violence.

The goal, police spokesman Albert Morales said, is “to remain vigilant and practice officer safety and wait for … backup when they respond to an incident that could potentially lead to a violent act.”

The alert also asks officers to be visible and patrol gang hot spots whenever possible, to help prevent retaliation among gang members.

Meanwhile, the surge in gang violence is of grave concern to San Jose residents, one of whom described it "as out of control."

Some gathered at Capitol Park on Friday to pray for the victims of a double shooting -- one of whom died. Witness Alicia Cruz remembered hearing "pop-pop" over five times. 

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