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San Jose Proposed Google Campus Met Concerns Over Housing, Transportation

There is more to know about what Google has planned for it’s San Jose mega-campus, which includes a blueprint for housing and public transit.

Google hopes to build its newest campus near the San Jose Diridon station that could bring some 20,000 employees.

The proposal was met with protesters who marched to the city hall chambers saying if Google moves in, many low-income residents and small businesses will be forced out.

"The people who live in San Jose now will be forced to move to Los Baños, to Merced, Modesto," said Sandy Perry, president of Affordable Housing Development. "They won’t be able to afford to live here."

Google says some of the 3-5 thousand homes it plans to build in the area will be low income housing, something city officials say is part of the deal.

"What can we do to produce more affordable housing? What can we do to improve the affordable housing we already have? said Kim Walesh, director of the office of economic development. "And what can we do to protect our most vulnerable residents and businesses from displacement?"

An additional concern with 6-and-a-half million square feet of office space, is overcrowding. The tech giants says the plan is to have underground parking for cars and to vastly expand the train station, encouraging employees to leave their cars at home.

"That makes it really good for Bay Area workers, to not have to drive to San Jose and commute to use public transportation," said Tim Bajarin, analyst for Creative Strategies. 

The next step is a formal review process starting in October where the city council is expected to vote on the plan sometime next year.

An open house will be held Saturday for community members to add a comment for the proposal.

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