San Jose

San Jose Residents Concerned Homeless Encampment May Be New “Jungle”

A growing homeless encampment in San Jose has some fearing it may become the city's next "Jungle."

The homeless encampment is stretched out on state property around the Highway 101 and Interstate 280 interchange. Area residents said they are most concerned with seeing more permanent-type structures popping up at the camp.

The camp is one of many popping up throughout the city after authorities dismantled "The Jungle" around Christmas. The Jungle was considered the nation's largest homeless encampment. At the time, about 300 people had been living in the illegal encampment near Coyote Creek.

The encampment around the freeway interchange has about 60 to 80 tents and shacks.

Antonia, who lives at the camp, offers no apologies to people complaining about structures being built on site. She said she is too busy dealing with the weather and people who want to take her possessions.

Antonia built a shack using scraps of wood and metal.

Community activists said they have an agreement with the city to not take any legal action as long as the encampment cannot be seen from the street.

Activists also said they hope the new encampment will serve as an example to city officials and agencies to provide a bigger piece of property for a legal encampment.

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