San Jose

San Jose Startup Optis Using Virtual Reality to Help Companies Build Vehicles

One of the fastest-growing sectors of the technology industry is about to get even bigger in the South Bay.

A San Jose startup embracing virtual reality has some big-name clients and plans to hire and grow.

Optis is using VR to help companies build cars. Carmmakers will be able to study the VR models and blueprints before spending money on materials.

"It becomes a design-making tool, not just a game," said Chris Grieve of Optis.

Optis also has plans to generate jobs in the Bay Area.

VR has yet to catch on in the mainstream market, but Optis said it wants to hire a few dozen new employees as it looks down the road.

"Of course we need sales people, technologists," Grieve said. "We need consulting people and technical staff to support us."

The clients Optis is working for include Tesla, Lucid, Faraday and Bentley.

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