San Jose State University President Issues Statement After Threat Found in Academic Building

The president of San Jose State University sent out a message this morning to students and staff about the written shooting threat found in an academic building Wednesday afternoon.

SJSU president Mary Papazian began the statement expressing gratitude to those who found the message on the third floor of Dudley Moorhead Hall inside a women's restroom.

According to Papazian, campus police learned of the message written on a wall in the restroom around 1 p.m., though a university spokeswoman told news outlets Wednesday that the threat was discovered at 2 p.m.

Papazian said the message suggested a shooting would occur just hours later at 5 p.m., which is when campus police opened an investigation with assistance from the San Jose Police Department and others. She did not clarify who the other agencies were.

A preliminary examination indicated that it was unlikely the threat was credible and administration officials decided classes should remain in session, according to Papazian.

She said that police took precautions by increasing their presence in and around the building where the message was written.

Papazian said that while it is the responsibility of campus leadership to look out for student and faculty safety, "we most certainly need everyone to be our eyes and ears."

The university president addressed complaints from students who wanted more information than what was gradually released by the school's emergency alert system.

"I know that many of you wanted to know more: faculty and students wondered if it was safe to go to class, and staff considered closing our business offices," Papazian said. "During an incident like this, we always consider how to tell everyone what they need to know so that we can keep our campus safe."

According to Papazian, her team takes the threat seriously and will be further investigating the case.

She invited students and faculty alike to send feedback of "thoughts, concerns and ideas that will continue to help us shape our next steps."

Papazian said that campus police are still on alert today.

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