Donald Trump

San Jose Students Peacefully Protest President-Elect Donald Trump

It was a calm night on campus Wednesday when students came together to voice their displeasure over the results of the presidential election.

SJSU students took turns standing in the middle of a circle telling their stories of how they will be affected by Donald Trump’s presidency. Few wrote poems about fear and sorrow which brought somber looks to faces of students, many of them immigrants or children of immigrants, watching.

Unlike the events of a few hours earlier, when students avidly voiced their displeasure over the news, it was a calm setting in front of the Tommie Smith and John Carlos statues.

“Seeing how unprogressive this man is was really heartbreaking,” said SJSU senior history major Sophia Hernandez. “I came to this country, my parents came to this country thinking they were doing something really good for us.”

Some speakers voiced their rage by speaking out against voters and Trump, while others told their life story and how they will need support from students if Trump keeps his promises as President.[[400723781, C]]

Before the open mic discussion, all students in attendance joined in a moment of silence as they raised their fists to try and process everything that has happened in the past 24 hours.

It was a very different setting than the night before when people were jumping, dancing, yelling and singing, which some students said they were hoping to see happen again.

Students from San Jose area high schools also joined the protest, marching through downtown holding up signs against Trump and gathering in front of City Hall.

The signs includes phrases such as “Not my President,” “Let young America live!” “Say no to hate, racism, violence, Trump.”

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