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‘You Wish There Were Enough Officers': Teacher Says Understaffed SJPD Unable to Investigate Vandalism Case

A South Bay man says he has proof of a crime, but police are too understaffed to do anything about it.

Chad Kimerer, a high school teacher, has video of what he believes to be one of his students shattering his car windshielf with a rock. The incident occurred in front of Kimerer's home in San Jose.

The educator said the incident is the second time someone has thrown a rock at his windshield. Kimerer believes the culprit is one of his former students at Willow Glen High School, where he is a teacher.

Kimerer said the suspected vandal lives a block away. He also said he have all the information and video evidence to police, was given a case number, but was then told there are no detectives to investigate.

"We're living in the middle of Silicon Valley and you wish there were enough officers to come out," Kimerer said. "I know there are worse crimes happening in the city."

San Jose police said the case has been assigned to a detective, who is investigating. Police also said that detective has already been in contact with the victim once.

The police department has been mired in a staffing crisis for several years now.

On Tuesday, the city council declared a state of emergency, allowing the chief to pull even more detectives out of their current jobs and place them in patrol cars to help answer 911 calls.

A total of 47 detectives will leave their investigation desks a week from Sunday and hit the streets. The change means even fewer detectives will be available to help victims like Kimerer.

"I have a 3-year-old son and its scary that its happened twice, and we fear going to bed," Kimerer said. "He could be coming back with his buddies any night."

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