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San Jose Unveils New Vision Zero Efforts to Prevent Deaths on City Streets

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As part of San Jose's Vision Zero strategy, leaders on Wednesday announced new efforts to try to prevent deaths on city streets.

Since the start of the new year, at least 20 people have died either driving, biking or walking in the South Bay city.

The city's commitment to eliminating deadly collisions has brought LED lights, enhanced crosswalk signs and crosswalks to several of the city's most dangerous corridors.

Mayor Sam Liccardo and other city leaders announced Wednesday measures meant to change driver and pedestrian behavior using signage, lights and median barriers. Plans also call for improved traffic enforcement using so-called speed detecting cameras.

"That is actually notifying the registered owners when their cars are detected exceeding safe speed limits," Mayor Sam Liccardo said. "We suspect this may be a very effective tool to help many parents know exactly what's happening when their teenagers are behind the wheel."

If approved, San Jose would be the first city in the country to use these tools.

The city is also backing a bill that would allow the use of automated cameras to find and cite speeders along with more cameras to track sideshow hotspots.

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