San Jose Women, Children Allegedly Chased by Naked Man Who Was Later Shot by Police

The 9-year-old daughter of a San Jose woman was about to begin a play date on Friday when she was frightened by a naked man, who later led police on a pursuit, which ended with him being shot and arrested.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, remained stunned on Saturday about how quickly the bizarre incident escalated.

She said that her friend had come to her house with two more children, all of whom were terrified. The man chased them, according to the woman.

"Of course kids see that, they start crying, screaming," she said.

The group ran and hid in a park across the street, but the woman said that the suspect said, "Come back! Come back!"

The woman, who watched his erratic behavior and is still scared, told NBC Bay Area that she believes he rents a room on the block. 

"You never know what he can do," she said.

When police arrived on scene, neighbors said the man jumped in his truck. When the man drove off, he hit another truck and led police on a chase.

The pursuit at around 2 p.m. Friday prompted the shutdown of Stevens Creek Boulevard, near a Safeway parking lot at Lawrence Expressway. A tense scene unfolded around the shopping plaza with a swarm of officers descending upon the area.

Multiple witnesses described a police pursuit and an officer-involved shooting in San Jose Friday afternoon which led to heavy police presence in a busy market area at Steven's Creek Boulevard and Lawrence Expressway in San Jose Friday afternoon. Scott Budman reports.

A witness, who did not want to be identified and was driving on Steven's Creek and Lawrence Expressway, said he saw police officers shooting the truck multiple times.

The witness said that when he pulled over by the side of the road, a number of police officers were approaching the truck, which was smoking at that point.

"I heard them ask the guy inside to come out but he didn't," the witness said.

At that point, the witness said, at least three officers fired at least nine shots at the car. Officers eventually dragged the man outside the truck. "He lay still for a bit, and then moved," the witness said.

Footage from NBC Bay Area's SkyRanger showed the truck's contents strewn across the road in front of the Safeway. Bullet holes dotted its surface. It remains unknown if the man was armed.

The man was hospitalized in critical condition, but police said on Saturday that he is still alive.

NBC Bay Area's Scott Budman contributed to this report.

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