San Francisco

San Jose Working to Address Rise in Electronic Scooters

Electric scooters are becoming a more and more popular way to get around in the Bay Area, but critics said they are a hazard because riders park them anywhere when the ride is over.

San Jose is the latest city figuring out how to address the influx of electric scooters. City officials are working on a permitting plan.

"They've been popping up and everyone has been riding them," San Jose-resident Stephanie Portnoff said. "I see groups of friends ride down the street and it looks like a lot of fun."

The electric scooters are also sparking complaints. Residents said the scooters are a tripping hazard because they are being parked anywhere.

In San Francisco, the city attorney's office issued a "cease and desist" letter recently to the scooter companies until city officials can address the issues.

San Jose's Department of Transportation tells NBC Bay Area it is working on a permitting system for the scooters that will go into effect in September.

"On one hand, this is a really good thing, but we wanted to make sure these systems are operated safely and responsibly -- that the rules are clear to people," said Colin Heyne, San Jose Department of Transportation.

The city also plans to hold a public hearing this summer over the scooters.

Meanwhile, the city said it is in touch with scooter companies.

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