San Leandro

San Leandro Man Robbed of His Rolex in Front of Home

NBC Universal, Inc.

Cell phone video captured a San Leandro man being robbed and attacked in front of his home by three men.

In the video, thieves are seen targeting his Rolex watch and once out of camera view, the victim, an Asian male, groaning in pain after being hit in the head.

The suspect car parked in the middle of the street.

The victim’s friends told NBC Bay Area that he is scared to come home that he and his family are hiding.

One person, who witnessed the robbery said the victim was followed after dining out in Oakland’s Chinatown.

Chinatown Chamber of Commerce President Carl Chan said that he’s not surprised by the incident.

“People are being targeted and followed home,” he said.

Chan added thar this is happening in all communities, but Asian Americans seem to be hit the hardest and right now, the community is feeling vulnerable.

“They know it. Lunar New Year, they realize tradition because we may be carrying cash talking about the red envelope to be given out to the children,” he said.

Chan has been an advocate for more cops on the street and he stated that now more than ever people need to work together to fight crime.

“We need to see police reform we need to have more police resources,” he said.

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