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San Mateo County Fights for Better Access to Martins Beach

San Mateo County is ready to spend millions to give people access to beaches along the pacific coast.

The money will open access to a new beach, Martins Beach, and end a years-long battle over access to Tunitas Creek Beach.

State and local leaders announced $5 million of state funding will be used to help create a county park, in partnership with the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) who purchased 58 acres.

"We said at least three years, we said that would be getting some basic parking facilities and a path to the beach, of course, all of that is dependent upon permits," said Marti Tedesco, Vice President of Marketing for Peninsula Open Space Trust.

A new emergency-use road that will allow first responders access to the beach was also built but POST is still concerned with the mess left behind for locals to clean after visitors scaled down the hill to Tunitas Creek.

"They would leave everything, tents, coolers, barbecues," said Tedesco. "We have had people build Jacuzzis on the beach."

One million dollars was also set aside for the possibility of acquiring a public right of way to Martin’s Beach after the property owner asked the Supreme Court to review the legal case.

"To allow us to buy or take that access road to the beach that’s the important part we’re now going in the direction where we can get access to it and use eminent domain if necessary," said Senator Jerry Hill.

Since work on the emergency access road, there have been fewer issues with people accessing the beach in ways they shouldn’t and have notices a difference in the amount of trash left behind.

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