San Mateo County Prosecutors Attempt to Remove Judge From Child Sex Case

San Mateo County prosecutors on Friday made a rare move and attempted to get Judge Donald Ayoob removed from a high-profile child sex case.

Critics accuse Ayoob of being too lenient. Prosecutors said they have concerns as well.

In two recent sex abuse cases, Ayoob sentenced two men to a year in county jail -- not the multiple years in state prison prosecutors had asked for.

The case prosecutors are trying to remove Ayoob from involves Anthony Satriano, a former teacher at the St. Matthews Episcopal Day School. Satriano is accused of taking lewd photos of some students and girls as young as 5-year-old.

But because prosecutors filed the paperwork late, a judge turned down their request.

Satriano was set to be back in front of Ayoob for an afternoon pre-trial conference. But in another surprise move, a different judge showed up and signed off on a plea deal that could have Satriano serving far less jail time.

His defense attorney said he will ask for probation.

Parents of the victim tell NBC Bay Area they are disappointed.

NBC Bay Area has reached out to Ayoob for comment but has yet to hear back.

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