San Pablo Man Suspected of Fatally Shooting Ex-Girlfriend in Front of Kids Arrested in Sacramento: Police

A San Pablo man suspected of fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend in Richmond has been arrested in Sacramento, police said Wednesday.

Walking out in handcuffs, Lawyer Dushan McBride, 43, said he didn't do it. He is accused of killing Rashanda Franklin, 29, of Richmond, while she sat in her car Tuesday and her sons watched.

Richmond police said they are confident they have their man after McBride surrendered peacefully at a Sacramento fast-food restaurant.

The East Bay shooting prompted a manhunt for McBride, who was last seen driving off in a 2007 silver Mercedes-Benz S550. Authorities also issued a $2 million warrant for his arrest.

McBride denied being Franklin's killer while he was being taken from Richmond police headquarters on Wednesday.

"I didn't kill nobody. I didn't do nothing," he said. "They got the wrong man."

Police said they have compiled a lot of evidence, including surveillance video of the shooting.

Franklin's family family expressed relief and gratitude when notified of McBride's arrest. Now they are trying to come to grips with her violent death. While they are mourning Franklin, they also feel overwhelming satisfaction that McBride has been caught, wanting justice for Franklin’s children.

"I couldn’t sleep at night, waiting for them to give me that call," Franklin's mother, Barbara Harris said.

Harris and her family spent the day making funeral arrangements for Franklin.

"We're sticking together, trying to be supportive for each other," she said.

Franklin’s parents say their daughter had been trying to get way from McBride for months. Her father called police last summer when his daughter landed in the hospital. He said McBride put her there.

"A part of me has been taken away," he said. "I’m looking for justice. I can’t forgive."

Police said McBride has been transported to the Martinez jail and will be booked for murder.

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