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San Ramon Students Stand Up for Second Amendment Rights During Walkout

Students in San Ramon on Wednesday walked out of class to support Second Amendment rights in the wake of previous walkouts fighting against gun violence following the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Dozens of California High School students in attendance at the "Stand for the Second" rally held American flags and chanted "USA" while addressing the ongoing debate over the presence of guns in American society.

"I think definitely in a situation such as all the shootings, for example Parkland of course, I think just rushing into the solution and saying that it's to ban guns, I don't think that's the right way to go," student Dennis Fiorentinos said. "Obviously, there's many different problems associated with mass shootings, and it's not exactly the weapon."

The nationwide "Stand for the Second" rally was organized by the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund. A student organizer at California High School only learned about the walkout roughly one week ago before deciding to participate.

The San Ramon Unified School District was not notified about the walkout.

"In the past, we did have more of a heads up about it," district official Elizabeth Graswich said. "We were able to work with students and create a plan. In most cases, students chose to stay on campus and exercise their First Amendment rights that way."

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