Sand Hill Road: A Podcast About Silicon Valley Innovation

What makes Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley? Find out the secrets from the Valley’s power players.


What makes Silicon Valley the innovation capital of the world? It all starts on Sand Hill Road, considered the mecca of venture capital.

Sand Hill Road is a new weekly podcast featuring interviews from the heart of Silicon Valley with the venture capitalists, start-ups, and innovators behind the trending technologies of tomorrow.

The podcast takes its name from the street in Menlo Park known as the “Main Street” of the venture capital industry, and home to some of Silicon Valley's most prestigious venture capital firms that have invested into the likes of Facebook/Instagram, Alphabet, Inc., and Twitter.

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Join us for insightful interviews from the heart of Silicon Valley with VCs, start-ups and innovators. Hosted by NBC Bay Area business and technology reporter and host of Press:Here, Scott McGrew.

NBC Bay Area anchor and reporter Scott McGrew thrives at the intersection of entrepreneurship and venture capital. He is host of Press:Here, a weekly roundtable featuring world class technology reporters in conversation with Silicon Valley CEOs. Scott is an active speaker on technology and television at Stanford, Brigham Young and other universities as well as numerous conferences. He is also a regular emcee and host for the Ernst and Young’s Northern California Entrepreneur of the Year, the Global CleanTech Forum, United Way and the Boy Scouts. He also helps foster excellent business journalism as a judge the UCLA’s Gerald Loeb awards.

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  • Episode 38: Leading from the Dining Room Table – Christal Bemont, CEO of Talend
  • Episode 37: Dear Class of 2020: We’re Sorry – Steve Blank, commencement speaker & entrepreneur
  • Episode 36: Investing in Diverse Communities – Lo Toney, Plexo Capital
  • Episode 35: What Will Work and Value Look Like in an Age of AI – Bill Davidow
  • Episode 34: The One About Coronavirus – Greg Becker, Silicon Valley Bank CEO
  • Episode 33: Don’t Move Fast and for Goodness’ Sakes Don’t Break Things – Greg Yap, Menlo Ventures
  • Episode 32: “I spend my life trying to prove myself wrong.” – Bryan Roberts, Venrock
  • Episode 31: Gender Balance, Networking and Personal Culture – Heidi Roizen, Threshold Ventures
  • Episode 30: From Childhood Dreams of Space Exploration to Investments in Autonomous Vehicles – Tess Hatch, Bessemer Venture Partners
  • Episode 29: An Intelligent Database & the Future of Venture Capital – Chris Farmer, SignalFire founder
  • Episode 28: Entrepreneurs Who Are New to an Industry Are Often the Ones Who Disrupt It. – Daniel Gulati, Comcast Ventures
  • Episode 27: Comfortable on the Outside Looking in – Indy Guha, Bain Capital Ventures
  • Episode 26: I will not attend your networking event - Scale Venture Partners' Rory O'Driscoll
  • Episode 25: Investments in safer fertilizer, fighting deforestation and fighting disease - Zack Bogue of Data Collective
  • Episode 24: Development of modern day computer chips - Dr. Buno Pati of Centerview Capital and Nexus Venture Partners
  • Episode 23: Chambers reflects on one of his first jobs: working with President Reagan - Grand Rounds CTO Wade Chambers
  • Episode 22: The ins and outs of corporate venture capital - Matt Garratt of Salesforce
  • Episode 21: Engineer, entrepreneur and investor behind Nest - Trae Vassallo of Defy Partners
  • Episode 20: From nuclear engineer to venture capitalist -- Rebecca Lynn of Canvas Ventures
  • Episode 19: Words of caution for startups - Jenny Lefcourt of Freestyle VC
  • Episode 18: The book on venture capital in Silicon Valley - Scott Kupor of Andreessen Horowitz
  • Episode 17: Inside the first steps a VC takes - Elizabeth Yin of Hustle Fund
  • Episode 16: What's unusual about Unusual? - John Vrionis of Unusual Ventures
  • Episode 15: After the venture capital days - Dave Welsh of KKR’s Next Generation Technology Growth Fund
  • Episode 14: Serial Entrepreneur - Jay Chaudhry
  • Episode 13: "Class vertigo" - Lightspeed Venture Partner's Merci Grace
  • Episode 12: Behind the scenes at one of 2019’s biggest IPOs. - Emergence Capital’s Santi Subotovsky
  • Episode 11: A Silicon Valley leader tries his hand at venture capital - Microsoft Chairman John Thompson
  • Episode 10: The “most powerful woman in startups” - Floodgate’s Ann Miura-Ko 
  • Episode 9: “The Godfather of Silicon Valley” - Alphabet Chairman, John Hennessy
  • Episode 8: The World According to Tim Draper – Outspoken V.C. Tim Draper
  • Episode 7: Do Bold Things – Maynard Webb 
  • Episode 6: The Most Sought-After Angel Investor in the Valley – Elad Gil
  • Episode 5: Leadership, Valuation and Healthy Self-Deprecation – Keith Krach
  • Episode 4: General Catalyst on Venture Capital 101 - Hemant Taneja
  • Episode 3: What the Duck? -  Ken Kocienda, creator of iPhone autocorrect
  • Episode 2: Directions to Sand Hill Road – Randy Komisar
  • Episode 1: Interviews from the heart of Silicon Valley - Introduction 
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