Sanity Reigns in Campbell Donut War

In an effort to bring back some sanity to a tiny shop that sparked a big controversy with mental health advocates, Psycho Donuts toned down the crazy in recent days.

You won't find the "bipolar" or the "massive head trauma" donuts on the menu anymore at the Campbell donut shop. 

The bipolar is now called "mood swing" and massive head trauma is called "headbanger."   The shop also 86ed the straitjackets and a padded cell.

The shop's Website calls the changes Pyscho Donut 2.0.  

Owner Jordan Zweigoron is now sole owner of the place and announced last week he decided to make the changes.   They come after a face to face meeting with a mental health advocate who objected to the original motif. 

"We had no intention of offending anyone, but we also didn't see ourselves as a mascot for free speech," Zweigoron told the San Jose Mercury News.

The shop has received write ups in USA Today and has also been featured on Live 105 and Fox News.  

It has been said by some that psycho is "crazy like a fox" when it comes to the well known phrase no publicity is bad publicity.

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